Services and Fees

Here is a sample list of how I can help you research and find your family mysteries.


 Review of information provided by client

 Formulation of work plan

 Research and analysis

 Written report of findings, including negative findings

 Recommendations for future research

 Copies, transcriptions, or abstracts of documents, as appropriate

 Evaluation of documents

 If gravesite in research are within two hour drive time, pictures of grave are taken


Retainer Fee

The retainer fee to start your Genealogy Research file is $65.00  This is a flat fee for 2 hours of research time, during which time I compile what information is available from the client, conduct the preliminary research to support the information the client has given me, and continue to work towards the research objective(s) the client has requested.

The payment of the retainer fee is required before work begins on a project. 


Hourly Rates

The first two hours of research are $65.00 (covered by the retainer fee). The subsequent hourly rate is $20.00  The number of hours required to complete a project depends on what the client wants to know about their family, and how accessible the resources are. For example, research on one ancestor will take less time than research on an entire branch of the family, or an entire tree.

Sometimes documents or microfilm needs to be ordered. If this happens during your project, I will contact you and ask you if that would be acceptable and if it is, I will add the cost of obtaining the record to the hourly rate. If you do not wish me to obtain the record, I will not.


Transcription Services

I am also available to transcribe old wills and other primary resources and type them up and return them in PDF or .docx format. The fee is based on a case by case consultation. The base fee is $15 per document. This can be adjusted according to the length of document. Please email me for more details.


Easy Breakdown

Retainer Fee- $65.00

Per Hour Fee-$20.00