About the Southern Family Detective

This may sound unusual, but I have known from a young age that I was connected to history.  I knew by high school that I would go to college to get a history degree. So I did.

Hello, my name is Jenna and I have a genealogy problem.

There is where life always surprises you. I actually went to work in various libraries. I enjoyed helping people and recommending books, because lets be honest, you have to enjoy reading to love history. So I worked in libraries while working on my genealogy on the side. This was something that always kinda burned inside. I always wanted to work on my lineage and always know more. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am working at where I graduated- the University of Memphis.  The archives was always such a draw, and it finally captured me. Not to brag but I love my job! I am an archival assistant and I get to document and preserve history every day.  It is amazing. But doing this makes me want to work more and more on my own history so I can tell my daughter about the people and places she comes from. This burning desire is how we go to be here….so began the Southern Family Detective  dear reader.



Most of the photos that I use in the blog are available for purchase. I have a viewbug website that you can take a look at all my other images. Just click here.

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