New Year New You?

Confession time! I hate new years resolutions. I just do not like them. If I wanted to change something about myself, I will start whenever I feel like it and some date on a calendar will not tell me otherwise. That being said, I wanted to start this wonderful series by Amy Johnson Crow. She sends out email prompts every week for you to write a little something about your genealogy each week. The series just happened to start at the beginning of the year. Can you guess how much I have finished??    Zero…nothing..I can’t even start on my writing! I am so indecisive that I can’t come up with even who, what or where I want to start writing about.

I do love the idea of the prompts, I really do. My problem is I fall behind with just trying to have a life outside of work and I forget I am supposed to be working on this until the next email prompt shows up on Monday and accusingly goes-Hi forget about me?!?    Just kidding, the emails are lovely. So let me start from the beginning so there is some sort of logical explanation of what exactly is happening.

For January there will be 5 weeks of prompts to give you a starting point for writing your family history….To be perfectly honest, I would LOVE for you to do this with me! That way you, dear friend, can keep me on track. Email me, bug me, find me on facebook or instagram and send me a message asking if I have started. This is something that we can accomplish together! You never know, you may be inspired to write a book or even put all the writings together as a Christmas gift for family members.

Look for my very late week 1 post coming soon. Easy enough it will be titled “Start”.